Accounting For Time

After helping over 10,000 people transform their lives I asked them what part of the In Order program helped them the most. The vast majority said Accounting For Time! It is so important that I want to share it with you.

Results You Will Accomplish:

  • a personal well designed plan that transforms how you react to mania and depression.
  • a deeper understanding of which tools to use and when to use them.
  • the ability to function better next time states return.
  • a deep understanding of the influence of time on your ability to function.
  • a clear measure of how long different tools take to lower the intensity of each state.
  • confidence that you don’t have to panic and get rid of the state right away.

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Tom Wootton Creator/Founder

I built the Bipolar IN Order program to help make a difference in those who share my condition. It has taken me 15 years to perfect it, but now it is helping thousands of people to get better lives while still bipolar.