Accounting For Time

After helping over 10,000 people transform their lives I asked them what part of the In Order program helped them the most. The vast majority said Accounting For Time! It is so important that I want to share it with you.

Results You Will Accomplish:

  • a personal well designed plan that transforms how you react to mania and depression.
  • a deeper understanding of which tools to use and when to use them.
  • the ability to function better next time states return.
  • a deep understanding of the influence of time on your ability to function.
  • a clear measure of how long different tools take to lower the intensity of each state.
  • confidence that you don’t have to panic and get rid of the state right away.

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Tom Wootton Creator/Founder

I built the Bipolar IN Order program to help make a difference in those who share my condition. It has taken me 15 years to perfect it, but now it is helping thousands of people to get better lives while still bipolar.

Dorrit Effinger

I took the course. I am 71 suffered bipolar since a teen. The course took me to a new level of wellness and freedom i never dreamed possible. Go to uTube and check out Tom Wootton &/or BipolarINorder or read his books (they helped too).

Michelle Reed

In 30 years, I thought I had tried everything to combat bipolar depression. Bipolar IN Order taught me not to fear my episodes of depression and mania, but to function well within them. Bipolar IN Order has given me my life back. I no longer fear my episodes, and these episodes no longer destroy my life.

Maritere Berrios Pizarro

Bipolar Advantage transcends the paradigm of bipolar disorder treatment: the focus shifts from eliminating it, to accepting and increasing functionality while going through it. Bipolar In Order has changed my life for the better- after years of failure. I think it is a great resource for anyone interested.

Melissa Vandeveer

Because my daughter took the course and shared with me I know more about how to talk the language of "in order" instead of disorder.

Kasandra Richey

This course is truly empowering and life changing. In 8 weeks I feel like I know myself better, I have a better understanding of bipolar, and I know what makes me tick. This course will change your life. I am so much more aware of my disorder and how to handle it due to taking this course.

Stacy Saxe

This is such a great class. I have learned so much from taking it. It is life-changing.

Kim Heye

This course of study has changed my life in many positive ways. I have new tools at my disposal to assist me in being comfortable with myself - no matter where I am at in my cycling... I give this my personal recommendation!!!!

Jacqui Sober Rapp

This is truly the best thing I have done for myself! After years of therapy, that only helped a little, I now how tools and a whole new way to look at my life. I highly recommend this program!

Angie Rose

I just took this course and found it to be more helpful than all other things I've tried. If you put the work in, it can be life changing. For the first time in my life I feel I am able to live without the constant worry of mood fluctuations.

Malinda Fugate

I'm part of the current class, and have really enjoyed it. It surprisingly goes hand-in-hand with the work I've been doing in therapy. Being more in control of the roller coaster ride of bipolar is a valuable, life-necessary skill.

Candy Czernicki

Bipolar IN Order has made a tremendously positive influence on my life. It teaches a way of looking at mental illness that has helped me turn it into mental health. Tom is a visionary and an outstanding guide. If you put enough time and effort into the course, it will change your life.

Matthew Olsen

This is a revolutionary method of treating bipolar which shows more long term promise than current techniques. I have already noticed a difference in myself and the way I'm coping with my mood states. This work is an excellent approach in learning to live with bipolar not just suffer from it.