5 Strategies That Will Help You Put Together The Best Team For Treating Bipolar Disorder

This free guide will help you develop strategies in building an effective team to get the best help possible for treating bipolar disorder.

Unfortunately, navigating the world of mental health care is overwhelming and confusing. This free worksheet will help you get organized to focus on what really matters. Achieving your Bipolar IN Order functionality goals with the best team available to you. Who to engage as a team member, how often and what for?

Tom Wootton Creator/Founder

I created the Bipolar IN Order system in collaboration with fellow sufferers, family members, doctors, and therapists. It began as weekend workshops almost 20 years ago and has now been transferred to an online platform for everyone in the world to take.

The strategies in this free worksheet are part of the Bipolar IN Order system, which has helped thousands thrive with their bipolar condition.