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Bipolar Advantage Challenges The Pervasive Attitudes About Living With Mood Swings as a Result of a Mental Condition 

Tom Wootton created the Bipolar Advantage programs in collaboration with others who experience extreme states, family members, doctors, and therapists. What began as weekend workshops almost 15 years ago was transferred to an online platform for everyone in the world to take.

Since 2003, the focus of the programs has been to help those who share this mental condition to thrive. Bipolar Advantage is home to various courses and online programs through which those who struggle with Bipolar, Depression, and other mental conditions are guided to create the best results possible.

 Our successful students achieve full functionality. This means that they are no longer overwhelmed nor paralyzed when experiencing the lows of depression or the highs of mania. Our main goal is for those who share this condition to achieve these same results. 

Bipolar Advantage is a 100% member-supported program, ran by volunteers, and not influenced by donations from pharmaceutical companies nor anyone else but our members. The only agenda we have is to promote better outcomes for those living with bipolar and depression. We provide proof through our results that better outcomes are possible for living with mental conditions. We care deeply about helping our students, which is why we offer the most affordable payment options we possibly can.

Tom Wootton



The results we present are not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to produce real results and our online programs will guide and support those interested in achieving such results all the way. 

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