Use This Free Checklist For
Thriving The Next Time You Travel

Depressive, Manic, and Mixed Episodes can make it difficult for people to plan, engage and enjoy a trip. Which is why implementing effective and well thought out strategies during travel is essential.

After discussing this topic with over 10,000 students in our online community, we created a free worksheet to help those who struggle with bipolar and depression understand what really matters when planning a trip that involves dealing with the unpredictability of mood state cycles.

Overwhelm, frustration, lack of motivation, fear of getting out of control, lack of connection, and irritability are some of the symptoms that those with mental conditions experience during travel.

This FREE checklist will help you plan and be ready for dealing with manic or depressive symptoms DURING a trip. Focus on making memories with loved ones without worrying how to deal with the next mood episode.

Tom Wootton Creator/Founder

I created the Bipolar IN Order system in collaboration with others who experience extreme states, family members, doctors, and therapists. It began as weekend workshops almost 20 years ago and has now been transferred to an online platform for everyone in the world to take.

This free checklist is part of the Bipolar Advantage system, which has helped thousands thrive with their bipolar condition.