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What To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed Online Course

One of the biggest differences between Bipolar Advantage and other programs is the goal we are trying to accomplish in terms of functionality. While other programs focus solely on symptom reduction in hopes of permanent remission, our goal is to learn how to function while still experiencing the states that once drove us to dis-order.

Nonetheless, there are times when taking steps to lower the intensity of our states is the best option. We need a set of proven tools to make it work. Our full online course on What To Do When You Are Overwhelmed is about making sure that those tools are in place and that students know how to use them effectively.

In this course students learn why mood states overwhelm us - and it isn't what they think it is.  They learn about what to do with the overwhelm so next time they are faced with it they can make more effective choices that will prevent them from ruining their life and their relationships.

The focus of this course is to help students overcome the fear of being overwhelmed. Course material helps students work towards achieving full functionality, which means no longer getting overwhelmed nor paralyzed when experiencing the highs and lows of mania and depression.

Students Learn How To

  • Permanently end getting overwhelmed by Mania and Depression.
  • Reduce dependance on invasive tools with negative side effects.
  • End the fear that another episode of Mania or Depression will ruin their life again.
  • Get back on a path to a more meaningful and fulfilling life
  • Identify accurately which aspects of their state is causing them to feel overwhelmed.
  • Develop strategies to help increase the ability to function DURING depression, mania, hypomania, mixed states and remission.

Work To Create The Best Outcomes Possible

With the concepts presented in the What To Do When Overwhelmed Course we have been helping thousands thrive with bipolar and depression since 2003. The results we speak of are not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to produce real results. Our successful students use what they have learned in this course and practice it on their journey to full functionality. Those who achieve full functionality are no longer overwhelmed nor paralyzed when experiencing the lows of depression. We want those who share this condition to achieve these same results. 

Course Content

  • 3 Recorded Video Lessons
  • 4 Comprehensive Reading Lessons
  • 3 Downloadable Slide Presentations
  • A Practical Written Exercise
  • An Active Participation Forum for Asking Questions and Sharing Insights
  • Flexible Live Online Sessions to Help Deepen the Understanding of Course Material

PLEASE NOTE: Live online sessions are not recorded to help protect the privacy and comfort of our students. Students have the option to attend anonymously if they so wish and will also have the option to call in and listen to the meeting.

Full Course Only $9.95

$9.95 discounted fee is a one time fee payment for a one time course.
Regular price is $29.95.

The 4 Step Action Plan Worksheet For When Bipolar Gets Overwhelming

As promised here is the document you requested from us. You can download and print the document below by hovering over it and at the bottom options to zoom or print will appear.

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Full Course Only $9.95

$9.95 discounted fee is a one time fee payment for a one time course.
Regular price is $29.95.