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Changing The Lives of Thousands

The focus of the program is to help our members achieve the best results possible for Bipolar. Many students come into our membership program experiencing confusion, frustration, and exhaustion from having tried endless treatment methods to no avail. They report difficulty in making sense of their diagnosis, overwhelm during mania and depression, inability to work, and dependance on highly invasive treatment methods among other things. We guide them to engage in an integrative approach to find what works best for them. The main feature of the membership is the Bipolar IN Order Course which gets repeated every 8 weeks.

What We Teach

The courses we offer teach students to function fully instead of get overwhelmed and paralyzed every time mania or depression return. The online membership structure provides an active and supportive learning environment to all participants. Besides the Bipolar IN Order course, members also get full access to supplemental classes that are available for them to take on demand. Members get printable and downloadable PDF written exercises that they can use to develop a personalized step-by-step plan to achieve full functionality.

Results Worth Striving For

  • Better Intimate Relationships
  • Better Functionality in All Environments
  • Measurable Progress
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Functionality in all States
  • Reduction or Elimination of Crisis and Hospitalizations
  • More Effective Communication With Doctors and Family
  • Getting Out From Under That Overwhelmed Feeling
  • Learning About The Strengths and Advantages of Living with Bipolar

The Membership Plan

$99.00 for the first three months 

with a $29.95 monthly renewal fee after the three month period for continued support through the online membership program

Life With Bipolar IN Order

A Story of Struggle and Success in Facing Bipolar Disorder

Please Note: This is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to produce real results and this program will guide and support you all the way. Our success stories took at least two years.

What Our Students Say About Our Courses

I was desperate for help and Bipolar IN Order delivered. I learned how to identify my feelings, the changes in my thinking during mood swings and my initial reactions to them. Realizing I had a choice in how to respond instead of just reacting was pivotal. This tool, combined with others, has morphed into a great practice for self examination in the IN Order stages. It is one of the components that taught me discipline and self-control throughout my journey to Bipolar IN Order. What I've learned will serve me well for the rest of my life. Life is finally good.

Jeanette Chiapperino
Weeki Wachee, FL

Bipolar Advantage transcends the paradigm of bipolar disorder treatment: the focus shifts from eliminating it, to accepting and increasing functionality while going through it. Bipolar In Order has changed my life for the better- after years of failure. I think it is a great resource for anyone interested.

Maritere Berrios Pizarro

In 30 years, I thought I had tried everything to combat bipolar depression. Bipolar IN Order taught me not to fear my episodes of depression and mania, but to function well within them. Bipolar IN Order has given me my life back. I no longer fear my episodes, and these episodes no longer destroy my life.

Michelle Reed

This is truly the best thing I have done for myself! After years of therapy, that only helped a little, I now how tools and a whole new way to look at my life. I highly recommend this program!

Jacqui Sober Rapp

Monthly Membership Benefits

  • Extensive Recorded Video Lessons and Reading Material
  • Unrestricted Access to Supplemental Courses 
  • First Access to Brand New Content
  • Supportive Forums
  • Free Additional Memberships to Any Doctor, Therapist or Family Member on Your Team
  • Interactive Weekly Online Live Sessions
  • A Supportive Virtual Community
  • Simple Step-by-Step Plans
  • Access to the Re-Ocurring Bipolar IN Order Course  (scheduled on an 8 week rotation)

Learn How...

  • To separate the state feelings from your reactions to them.
  • To function at the highest level regardless of your mood state
  • To recognize the sweet spot where you can be the most productive
  • To use the least costly tools to reduce symptoms when needed.
  • To find the best opportunities for taking advantage of your state.
  • To turn your states from a disorder to an advantage.
  • To monitor your states without being obsessed over them.
  • To create a realistic plan for continuous and safe progress.
  • To develop loving and lasting intimate relationships.
  • To thrive in your professional life using bipolar to your advantage.
  • To find a team of experts that will work for and with you.
  • To figure out which treatment options work best for you.
  • To create an environment that supports your condition.

The Online Membership Plan

$99.00 for the first three months

with a $29.95 monthly renewal fee after the three month period for continued support through the online membership program

What Professionals Say About Our Courses

Tom is doing something no one else is really doing. He is turning a serious mental illness on its head and suggesting that by accepting rather than fighting the disorder, people with bipolar can identify and access their strengths and lead lives that are not only satisfying but productive beyond their wildest imaginings... Tom is ahead of the pack. He is staking out new territory and leading the way in showing people with brain-based disorders like bipolar that it is possible to live richly.

Maureen Duffy, Ph.D.
Professor and Chairperson, The Counseling Program, Barry University

Tom's message-and approach-is a welcome antidote to many, popular ideas about mental illness. He integrates sound, evidence-based tools (such as self-awareness, self-care, and medication) with an especially humane perspective. Too often, in having to accept their condition, people end up feeling pathologized - reduced from a full person to a label. But Tom looks beyond the diagnosis to help people embrace - and accept - the best parts of who they are, instead of reflexively dismissing their feelings and experiences as a simple manifestation of illness. I can't think of a more important ingredient to living with bipolar disorder or any mental health difficulty.

Craig Malkin, PhD
Clinical Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School

Bipolar IN Order explores the positive value of mania and depression, linking it to Eastern traditions of mental discipline, while at the same time appreciating the need for warranted medical diagnosis and treatment.

S. Nassir Ghaemi, MD MPH
Professor of Psychiatry, Director of Mood Disorders Program, Tufts Medical Center

Bipolar In Order provides the essential message that symptom reduction or elimination is far from the main goal of adaptation and intervention. Sure to challenge traditional thinking, this important work is integrative and wise.

Stephen P. Henshaw, PhD
Professor and Chair, Dept of Psychology, UC Berkeley

A Mother's Point of View

A Heart-Felt Video of a Mother Sharing Her Family's Struggle With Depression.