Crisis Planing

Please Note: This is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to produce real results and the courses we offer will guide and support you all the way. Our success stories took at least two years.

Struggles in Dealing With a Bipolar and/or Depression Crisis

Those who learn to thrive never have to worry about their next episode again. Unfortunately, until one has achieved functionality goals with Bipolar IN Order, it is inevitable that many may end up in crisis after achieving remission.  Individuals overwhelmed to the point that functionality gets affected and end up in crisis report...

  • Overwhelm and frustration with tried methods that failed at keeping mania and depression from occurring.
  • Inability to function.
  • Suffering with side effects from invasive treatment methods during crisis.
  • Discomfort in the use and dependance of invasive tools.
  • Living in a state of anxiety over future episodes.
  • Inability to communicate clearly with doctors, therapists, family and other team members.
  • Confusion and lack of understanding about how to best handle a crisis when/if it arises.

Results Worth Striving For

 Expect to spend less time worrying about crisis and more time engaged in a journey towards better results. Other students have achieved...

  • Better Understanding of Bipolar and Depression 
  • Freedom to Choose The Most Effective Treatment Options According to Goals of Treatment Before Crisis
  • Enhanced Communication With Doctors and Therapists
  • Reduction or Elimination of Crisis and Hospitalizations
  • Reduce or Eliminate Anxiety Over Future Episodes

The ultimate goal of the Bipolar Advantage program is to reach full functionality during the experience of varied mood episodes to reduce or eliminate crisis and hospitalizations. Having a plan for the times in which our states may overwhelm us to the point that our functionality gets affected is a useful tool as part of our journey to get to Bipolar IN Order.


This course has brought great peace and wholeness to our family.

Our son was diagnosed Bipolar when he was 19 and there have been multiple crises and episodes since then, including a suicide attempt. We lived a life surrounded by uncertainty. The medical care he was receiving offered little hope that any of us could lead fulfilling lives free of crisis and constant worry. It was painful to watch the struggle. In our desperate search for help, we found Bipolar IN Order. After our son completed the course, we have had a remarkable transformation in our family. We have had no crisis, no interventions, and we feel we finally have our son back. We have come from a life worrying about episodes and symptoms to watching our son fulfill his life in ways we never could have imagined before. This course has brought great peace and wholeness to our family.

Jan and Susan Sauls Lakeland, FL

How This Course Will Help

The Crisis planning course helps students have a Crisis Plan in place long before they find themselves in a Crisis Stage that they couldn't avert.  Students learn...

  • To lower the flow of energy and information so that they can return to their comfort zone and regain functionality. 
  • Strategies to help you put together a team, a plan and tools beforehand.
  • About the the importance of properly using tools to help one achieve the best result possible for Bipolar.  
  • To develop strategies for ending the crisis in the shortest time possible.
  • To recognize whether or not this is an actual crisis that calls for more extreme measures.

Crisis Planning
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Learn About Safe and Effective Ways To Plan For Crisis. Course Includes:

Varied Course Materials

 1 video lessons, 2 reading lessons, a simple and effective written exercises, and an active participation forums to ask questions and sharing insights. 

Supportive Virtual Community

 Connect with a global, supportive, encouraging, and inspiring community of students working on getting their Bipolar IN Order. Participation in course forums is not required and can be anonymous.

Self-Paced Access

Ungated access to all course content for you to take at your own pace. Course is accessible with a reliable internet connection from any desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. 

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