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Bipolar Advantage is an educational organization dedicated to helping people transform their lives.

Bipolar Advantage is now part of the 501(c)3 non-profit Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute. The navigation links above will take you to a few of the pages there where you can join for free and start taking courses right away!

Going With The Flow To Achieve Bipolar In Order

This blog champions an integrated approach to depression and mania that addresses the physical,

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What Bipolar IN Order Looks Like – Declan’s Story

In this short video, Declan Devereux shares his enthusiastic support of the

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Bipolar People Get Angry Too

When bipolar people get angry, the Bipolar IN Order concepts apply just

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The Elephant In The Bipolar Room

The "dis-abled"argument is central to bipolar disorder. Stigma, medication, treatment options, recovery, patient

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What Depressives Can Teach Doctors About Grieving

Doctors’ inability to handle or acknowledge grief is negatively affecting care. My

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What Are Some of the Positives About Having Experienced Bouts of Depression?

Depression in self-mastery is often seen as a rich spiritual experience. A

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