Thank you for your interest in our courses and programs.

The basics:

There will be various free courses for guests and supplemental courses for members offered during the year, but they will not always begin on the first of the month. 


The Core Bipolar IN Order Course that comes with a Membership takes 8 weeks and is repeated on a quarterly basis. Members can also take the supplemental courses for no extra charge. 

Tech Support:

Tech support is for helping with problems navigating the site and courses. It is not for answering questions about course content.


Why do you charge for classes? I am mentally ill and I can't afford this.

What is this about?

Are the courses online or in person?

Will this class teach me to cope with my depressive and/or manic episodes?

Can I take the courses with my child/wife/husband/parent/significant other?

Is this a scam?

Have other people taken this course? What do they think about it?

Is it possible to change my name on the course to keep my privacy?