What is this about?

Are the courses online or in person?

What is required?

What if I don't want any extra software in my device?

Will this class teach me to cope with my depressive and/or manic episodes?

Can I take the courses with my child/wife/husband/parent/significant other?

Is this a scam?

Have other people taken this course? What do they think about it?

Is it possible to change my name on the course to keep my privacy?

Can I change my name on the Fuze software to keep my privacy?

Chris Pinfold

A groundbreaking practical course that has helped me immensely. I will continue to evolve and apply these tools for the rest of my life and strongly recommend the course to anyone coming to terms with this condition. It has allowed me to stop living in fear of relapse and to get on with my life. Visit Chris' Facebook Page