What Students Say About Our Programs

Becky Papp

Becky's story of struggle and success in facing Bipolar.

Melissa Vandeveer 

A heart-felt video of a mother sharing her family's struggle with depression. 

Declan Devereux

Declan's enthusiastic support of the Bipolar Advantage Programs and how doing the work helped him turn his marriage around. 

Andrea Hollebakken

I took the Bipolar IN Order course and it was great! I am more and more becoming aware of the subtleties and not so subtleties of my states and how to behave in IN Ordered ways instead of Disordered ways. This is progressively increasing my confidence in exploring the ever expanding limits of my comfort with myself and finding the gifts in the discomfort as well as the bliss. I'm excited to continue to practice the lessons and use the tools to have a better understanding of my life. I feel better equipped to drive this ship as it is twist and turns through space-time. I highly recommend you do this for yourself! Visit Andrea's Facebook Page

Barry Barnes

Tom Wootton knows what it’s like to experience soaring highs and painful lows of bipolar disorder. He has attained a level of mastery regarding his states and there’s hope for all of us in that. This program teaches how to recognize symptoms, assess where you are, differentiate between emotions, develop self-management tools, learn when to use them, choose self-growth rather than self-destructive behaviors, see the value of our states, use introspection, and more. He has found that we can dramatically escalate our abilities to function well within six months to a couple of years or so. Visit Barry's Facebook Page

Kyle Lebeau

I just finished the course and I highly recommend it! Noticing big changes in my life already with a great platform to go forward and continue making positive changes. Visit Kyle's Facebook Page

Michelle Reed

In 30 years, I thought I had tried everything to combat bipolar depression. Bipolar IN Order taught me not to fear my episodes of depression and mania, but to function well within them. Bipolar IN Order has given me my life back. I no longer fear my episodes, and these episodes no longer destroy my life. Visit Michelle's Facebook Page

Matthew Olsen

This is a revolutionary method of treating bipolar which shows more long term promise than current techniques. I have already noticed a difference in myself and the way I'm coping with my mood states. This work is an excellent approach in learning to live with bipolar not just suffer from it. Visit Matthew's Facebook Page

Sheri Holmes Brown

This class is life changing. Although it's directed towards people diagnosed with bipolar, it's really for everyone. We all have states of depression and/or mania at different times of our life and this class is teaching me (I'm in week 7 of the 8 week course) how to recognize and be aware of my feelings and my behaviors so that I can implement tools that will keep me in my comfort zone. It's not a cure. There is no cure. But you can learn to keep your behaviors in order, despite how you feel. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy. It requires you to delve into some uncomfortable areas, but if you stick with it, it all comes together around week 5 or 6. Thank you Tom for sharing your stories, your struggles, your successes, your time, and your ideas. We all deserve to be "in order" and we can all play a part in making our lives richer. Visit Sheri's Facebook Page

David Zagorsky

I am usually cynical about Comments thinking they are from shills. In this case the Comments are true. Take the Course - What do you have to lose? It may just save your life. Visit David's Facebook Page

Kasandra Richey

This course is truly empowering and life changing. In 8 weeks I feel like I know myself better , I have a better unest and in of bipolar, and I know what makes me tick. This course will change ur life. I am so much more aware of my disorder and how to handle it. Due to taking this course. Visit Kasandra's Facebook Page

Ann M. Zenk

This course changed my life. We are responsible for our actions no matter how our mental and physical disorders challenge us. Tom offers a way to learn the subtle changes in our feelings so that we can be responsible and feel good about it. My therapist and psychiatrist wholeheartedly endorsed my participation. I would invite people to join Tom on this journey. It is well worth your time. Visit Ann's Facebook Page

Jacqui Sober Rapp

This is truly the best thing I have done for myself! After years of therapy, that only helped a little, I now how tools and a whole new way to look at my life. I highly recommend this program! Visit Jacqui's Facebook Page

Frances Williams

This class has put together in a very tidy package of concepts and ideas I have picked up bit by bit over the course of my 40 year struggle with severe recurrent depression. I have learned new ways to look at my life, new awareness of my state of mind, and better ways of dealing with stressors. We are encouraged to continue our meds and therapy, and learn new tools to manage our illness as well. My therapist was interested in the offer of free classes for her as well. This has been an amazing, eye opening experience. Visit France's Facebook Page

Maritere Berrios Pizarro

Bipolar Advantage transcends the paradigm of bipolar disorder treatment: the focus shifts from eliminating it, to accepting and increasing functionality while going through it. Bipolar In Order has changed my life for the better- after years of failure. I think it is a great resource for anyone interested. Visit Maritere's Facebook Page

Melissa Vandeveer

Because my daughter took the course and shared with me I. Know more about how to talk the language of "in order" instead of disorder. Visit Melissa's Facebook Page

Emma Sherlin

This course has changed the way I deal with mood swings. It has totally changed the way I even think about bipolar. I can now know where I am on the chart and can function longer in that state. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course. Visit Emma's Facebook Page

Nicole Marie

After taking this class I am so much more aware of my manic and depressive states. I can see more clearly when I am acting out of order and I now have so many tools to help correct my state so that I can stay IN ORDER. The insight into my depressive states I will forever be grateful for. I know it sounds crazy but being able to see them as a blessing instead of a curse has been a beautiful and enlightening experience! I strongly recommend checking this course out- you have NOTHING to lose and SO MUCH TO GAIN! Visit Nicole's Facebook Page

Angie Rose

I just took this course and found it to be more helpful than all other things I've tried. If you put the work in, it can be life changing. For the first time in my life I feel I am able to live without the constant worry of mood fluctuations. Visit Angie's Facebook Page

Stacy Saxe

This is such a great class. I have learned so much from taking it. It is life-changing. Visit Stacy's Facebook Page

Suzanne Kronisch

I love Tom Wootton,.His work has changed everything for me.i was able to train for two marathons while deeply depressed with Tom's support and non-traditional point of view. Where previously I would have convinced myself that my ability to complete such a feat was state-dependent. without Bipolar In Order I might've just said 'I can't do it' and dropped out.Instead, I continued to train regardless of how I felt and not only completed the events but beat my previous time by a longshot. For me the true victory was that I was able to do it at all. Visit Suzanne's Facebook Page

Dorrit Effinger

I took the course. I am 71 suffered bipolar since a teen. The course took me to a new level of wellness and freedom i never dreamed possible. Go to uTube and check out Tom Wootton &/or BipolarINorder or read his books (they helped too). Visit Dorrit's Facebook Page

Candy Czernicki

Bipolar IN Order has made a tremendously positive influence on my life. It teaches a way of looking at mental illness that has helped me turn it into mental health. Tom is a visionary and an outstanding guide. If you put enough time and effort into the course, it will change your life. Visit Candy's Facebook Page

Malinda Fugate

I'm part of the current class, and have really enjoyed it. It surprisingly goes hand-in-hand with the work I've been doing in therapy. Being more in control of the roller coaster ride of bipolar is a valuable, life-necessary skill. Visit Malinda's Facebook Page

Kim Heye

This course of study has changed my life in many positive ways. I have new tools at my disposal to assist me in being comfortable with myself - no matter where I am at in my cycling... I give this my personal recommendation!!!! Visit Kim's Facebook Page