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Bipolar Advantage is now part of the 501(c)3 non-profit Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute. The navigation links above will take you to a few of the pages there where you can join for free and start taking courses right away!

Bipolar IN Order Course Description 
This is the main course of Bipolar Advantage.  It lasts for eight-weeks and lays out a simple step-by-step plan to help guide a person from Bipolar Disorder to what we call Bipolar IN Order. Bipolar IN Order describes the ability to experience a range of states that no longer negatively impact our lives. Students have the option of navigating the course content in a self-paced manner or in a more structured way by opting to focus on weekly topics suggested in a community course calendar.
The course includes videos, written lessons, exercises,  discussion forums, and the support of a community dedicated to creating the best outcomes possible for Bipolar.

Course Schedule
Week 1: The Bipolar IN Order Formula For Success
Week 2: Introspection
Week 3: IN Order vs Dis-Order 
Week 4: Finding Your Most Productive Zone
Week 5: Lowering The Intensity Of Your State
Week 6: Accounting For Time
Week 7: Finding The Advantages
Week 8: Tracking Your Progress

Bipolar Advantage is now part of the 501(c)3 non-profit Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute. The navigation links above will take you to a few of the pages there where you can join for free and start taking courses right away!

Bipolar IN Order Course

The bipolar in order formula for success

This Bipolar Advantage course teaches better awareness along with a deeper understanding of how to function during various states. 


This Course teaches a revolutionary system that categorizes the various intensities of your states and is used as a roadmap for navigating your level of functionality during various intensities of mania, depression and mixed states. 


The goal of Bipolar IN Order is to learn how to function while experiencing the states that once drove us to dis-order. Nonetheless, there are times when taking steps to lower the intensity of our experience is the best option. In which case we need a set of reliable and effective proven tools. This class is about making sure that those tools are in place.

IN Order

If you want people to believe that you have Bipolar IN Order, then you have to act like it. In this course you will create an inventory of your values and behaviors to help you get clear on what being IN Order means to you.


In this class learn about the Bipolar IN order different approach to time. Since the scientific consensus is that permanent remission is not possible, we help you extend the time that you can stay in order during mania and depression. 


What is the advantage of having a high-performance race car if you don't know how to drive it? If all you did was crash every time you got behind the wheel you would probably conclude that it was a disadvantage to have it and be miserable every time you got in it.

It is the same with mania and depression. The advantages are in the same state as the disadvantages. You don't change the state to find the advantage, you change the way you see it and how you respond to it. This course helps you put that concept into context. 


This course will help you in putting Bipolar IN Order instead of leaving it in "disorder." It is designed to help you focus on the changes you want to bring about by giving you a daily summary of your progress. 

Tracking your progress

Where are you at with your condition and where you are going? This class is about setting challenging yet realistic projections for your future.

Has anything changed after taking any Bipolar Advantage Courses? If you have not yet taken any, then how about challenging yourself now? Think beyond the assessments and see what can change internally and externally. Do you have any new skills or knowledge? What do you expect can happen in future episodes if you put what you have learned to use?

How to Join Our Community

Since 2003, our program has helped more than 150,000 people in bringing out the best results for Bipolar and Depression. Today, the one thing that remains true is the core principle of challenging the pervasive attitudes about bipolar and depression. Sign up today and get full access to the global online community that is challenging the pervasive attitudes about Bipolar and Depression. 

Supplemental Courses


We all get overwhelmed sometimes. It happens when the intensity of an experience is too much to handle. Many experience Bipolar as a very overwhelming condition. This course dives deeply into understanding what overwhelm is, how it affects those experiencing it and what one can do when it occurs.


The energy we feel in mania is very powerful. It can easily overwhelm us and take control of our thoughts and behaviors. We can learn to use it to our advantage but we must be careful. This course gives practical understanding and exercises that give students the ability to channel the energy in mania and depression for positive use in a safe and productive manner.


How can one take a concept and make it our own so it integrates with our self-understanding and self-knowledge? What questions or proposals would a person reject initially and later come to respect, admire, or believe in? This course presents the concept of wrestling with an idea and how it applies to specific concepts of Bipolar IN Order.


Tools for lowering intensity of states is only one aspect of getting Bipolar IN Order. This course explores the options for treating symptoms of Bipolar. It addresses the need to return to a better life and how confusing it is for many to navigate treatment options. Students learn to make sense of treatment options and how to go about picking tools that are the most effective for getting to Bipolar IN Order.


The scientific benefits of meditation are many, and its powerful effects can extend beyond a meditative session and into your daily routines. The techniques in this course are specifically tailored for bipolar to help increase focus, attention and mental strength among other things.


There are times in which our states may overwhelm us to the point that our functionality gets affected. Although the ultimate goal of the Bipolar Advantage program is to reach full functionality during the experience of varied mood episodes, we acknowledge the need for safe and effective crisis management plans. This course will help you make sure that the plans are in place. 


Care is usually specialized and separate. Which is why getting a professional team together is beneficial. Who can help and when? This course contains plans and forms to help students get their care team on the same page. Students learn to make agreements in advance of crisis. More importantly, establish clear communication so crisis is less likely. 


Acceptance does not mean surrender. It rather marks the beginning of transformation. Personal acceptance is a lifelong practice. Meeting yourself exactly where you are and appreciating the fact that you are there can be incredibly gratifying and liberating. 


Course based on the Bipolar IN Order book by Tom Wootton. There are so many examples of bipolar "disorder" that it is easy to understand why so many people try to avoid it instead of facing it and getting it under control. We can choose to view depression, mania, hallucination, and delusion from at least two different perspectives--either as "disorder" or as "in order." Knowing that we have a choice of perspectives leads us to the understanding that we do not have to accept a diminished life.


People with mental conditions are not the only ones that have difficult relationship hurdles. Don't be resigned to bad relationships. There are clear processes and tools that will help you be successful in creating and sustaining lasting relationships at home, work, and elsewhere. Healthy relationships are essential for Bipolar IN Order. 


The meaning we place on words has a tremendous influence on how we experience our condition. Challenging others' perceptions of our condition is very important to experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we view our condition and our approach to living with it. Unlinking symptoms from our reactions to them cannot be accomplished without challenging the definitions of mania and depression. In this lesson learn to help others and ourselves re-define what this condition means to us and the world. 

How To Turn Depression To your advantage

Course based on The Depression Advantage book by Tom Wootton. The book is about spiritual growth and the role that depression can play in it. 


Travel can be a huge stressor for everyone and can trigger intense episodes. Being prepared and knowing how to handle the triggers and any difficult situations that may arise can mean the difference between a peaceful trip and a disaster.


Equanimity means even-minded under all conditions. The ultimate goal of Bipolar IN Order is achieving this state in our lives more and more often. Until we can access it even during the most difficult times. 


Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Career/Financial Specific Assessments meant to help you discover the areas of strength and functionality vs the areas of weakness and adversity in your current understanding of Bipolar IN Order. Often we have specific areas that are holding us back and other areas which are moving us forward. Learn to identify and differentiate between them.

Bipolar Advantage is now part of the 501(c)3 non-profit Bipolar & Depression Outcomes Research Institute. The navigation links above will take you to a few of the pages there where you can join for free and start taking courses right away!