Community Guidelines

The Bipolar Advantage Strategies and Support Facebook group is a place where members of the Bipolar Advantage community can connect, support, and encourage each other as they implement the Bipolar In Order concepts. We teach the concepts in our online courses, but will also be teaching the basics in the group. You do not need to be in the course to benefit.

Members of the group are welcomed and encouraged to share articles and thoughtful posts that either support the concepts of Bipolar IN Order or challenge the current paradigm that says the only way to live a great life is in remission.

Rapid speech is one of the hallmark signs that someone is in a disordered state. On Facebook, that is presented as posting a flurry of comments, sometimes in every discussion. We have all seen that and know that the person is usually not even aware of it. Nonetheless, it sometimes hijacks conversations and makes it unpleasant for all of us. 

Fortunately, facebook groups has a mute feature where we can disable posting for a while in hopes that the person will calm down and go back to commenting in a more in-ordered manner. If you find that you cannot comment, please take it as a sign to check in with yourself and come back later to post. Depending on how intense the comment flurry is, we might even choose to mute for 24 hours.

Please try to refrain from falling into the trap of just complaining about your condition. Bipolar IN Order understands the challenges of this condition and has solutions for those challenges. Make an effort to ask direct questions about Bipolar IN Order concepts or specific issues you need help with. This community can answer your questions in a positive light.

Posters (images with a small amount of text on them) are not allowed. Images with a colored background are often personal comments and do not elaborate on ideas pertaining to any discussion. Try to write a message that people will want to engage with instead of putting it on a background that detracts from the seriousness of our conversations.  We are trying to have life-changing conversations and posters were never designed for that.

Community Standards

To ensure that dialogue in the group remains relevant and engaging for all members, you’re expected to observe 6 simple principles. The admins apply these principles when reviewing posts and comments.

1) We believe debate and disagreement are constructive, but personal attacks, trolling, and abuse will not be tolerated. The key to a great community experience is an engaging and inclusive space where everyone can learn and grow. Be nice! 

2) We understand that people often feel strongly about issues discussed in mental health groups, but we may remove any posts or comments that others might find offensive or threatening. Not everyone has a thick skin, so please consider the impact your posts and comments can have on others. We don’t want to stop you from discussing issues you are passionate about, but we do ask our members to find ways of sharing their views that do not feel alienating, threatening, or toxic to other members.

3) Keep it relevant. Conversations in the Bipolar Advantage group cover a variety of topics, but if you make a post or comment that is super off-target, it might be removed in order to keep discussions on track. 

4) Bipolar Advantage communities are not an extension of Bipolar Advantage customer care, but it is a great place for two-way discussion and feedback. Please direct individual customer care issues and product inquiries to or 415-992-5315.

5) This is a group dedicated to helping people get the best results possible. Bipolar IN Order produces better realists than anything else out there. If we are to help people achieve such results, we cannot allow people to promote their own websites or solutions. It only confuses people and slows down their progress. Please let us know at if you run into any promotional posts or comments and we will remove them from our community.

6) The community platforms are moderated by Bipolar Advantage, but the conversation belongs to everybody. We want the group to be a welcome space for intelligent discussion and support, and we expect members to help us achieve this by notifying us of potential problems and helping each other keep conversations inviting and appropriate. If you spot something problematic within the community, please report the post, reach out to the community manager, or contact us at

Be sure to check out the Bipolar In Order online education program. It is the foundation for everything we talk about in the Facebook group and the best way to create the outcomes you hear from our students. You can return to the facebook group here.