People In Need Of A Sponsor

Please take a look at the stories below and pick one or more that you would like to sponsor.


I am an artist, scientist, poet & musician. My life's mission is to uncover soul & do my best to embody that essence as fully as possible every day. I share my dreams, visions and whatever wisdom I stumble upon through art, music & offerings intended to support others on the journey of self-realization.

As a musical artist, I make a very modest living. I live my life simply and with gratitude for the richness of experience, and for the support of others of greater means than myself, who assist me in gaining experiences and accessing teachings which I am momentarily unable to afford financially.

Sponsorship would help me to grow stronger and capable of accomplishing and sharing more of my creative work with the world. Depression and bipolar symptoms often eclipse my ability to be as productive as I know I'm ultimately capable of being. At my optimum performance, I have a lot of music, beauty and creative inspiration to share.

Artemis Robison

I am a person in recovery with bipolar, I applied for a scholarship but I do not know anyone that could pay the extra for me. I just want to learn more to help myself become better.

My husband and I's currently income is $785 dollars a month, and we do not have a debit card or any extra money that we can spare at this time.

I will be able to learn more in order to keep my recovery going, also will be able to help the adults in my life (my adult children, whom all have depression or biploar. Thank you very much for you consideration.

Ardella Cottrill

I'm a disabled military veteran spouse, serving as full-time caretaker to my non-retired husband of 18 years who deals with several chronic illnesses that significantly affect his daily living and employability.

Under current circumstances, we cannot afford for our basic survival needs let alone anything extra on my husband's veterans compensation. With a single vehicle in need of critical repairs and VA Hospital appointments scatter plot scheduled, there is no "wiggle room" left in the schedule for any significant employment or other activities of my own.

This scholarship assistance would allow me to deal with my own chronic illness so that I can help my disabled military veteran husband manage his. In trying to manage both as is, we are both quickly wearing down, especially since we have no support system. We've always been the helpers to our families. Now that we need help, there have been no helpers for us...until you. Thank you for assisting us with this scholarship.

Kerrie Vytlacil