How To Achieve Bipolar IN Order

Bipolar IN Order – Advanced Assessments, Tools, and Stage Specific Plans for Bipolar and Depression.

This video is from a public television program called “Moving From Bipolar Disorder To Bipolar IN Order.” It explains what bipolar is and the difference between disorder and IN Order. It details the six stages that one goes through as understanding and functionality improve. The video also outlines more complete assessments geared toward success, advanced tools that supplement existing tools, and stage specific plans that accommodate the needs of each of the six stages.

I would love to hear your feedback on it and where on the scale you think you might be at.

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Tom Wootton founded Bipolar Advantage with the mission to help people with mental conditions shift their thinking and behavior so that they can lead extraordinary lives. His most recent work focuses on moving beyond recovery in bipolar disorder to what he calls Bipolar In Order.