Bipolar IN Order Facilitator Training

Learn how to guide and support those who struggle with bipolar disorder in achieving better outcomes.

Please Note: The facilitator training  takes time and effort. We will guide and support you all the way so you can be a professional and effective BIO Facilitator. Our successful Facilitators train anywhere from two to five years.

Become Part of the Bipolar IN Order  Professional Support Team 

Bipolar IN Order Facilitators are professionals and get paid as such. Here is what to expect from the program.

  • Receive $40/hr as an online group meeting facilitator.
  • Receive up to $100 per One-on-One coaching session.
  • Receive $40 for facilitating a One-on-One coaching session in which we provide you with One-on-One clients.
  • Full access to Bipolar IN Order Program
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    Full access to 14 supplemental courses
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    Full access to Facilitator Training course material
  • Weekly group training sessions with other Facilitators IN Training.
  • Individual guidance and support from Tom Wootton (founder and creator of the Bipolar IN Order system) 

The Bipolar IN Order Facilitator Training is an advanced program that trains people in the Bipolar IN Order methods. Our main goal is to train professionals that will help students achieve better outcomes for Bipolar and Depression through the Bipolar IN Order methods. In the BIO Facilitator Program we will teach you:

  • To guide and support participants with the Bipolar IN Order system towards full functionality
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    To facilitate online small group discussions
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    To facilitate One-on-One coaching sessions 
  • To develop professional public speaking skills 
  • To present the Bipolar IN Order concepts effectively
  • To face and disarm all stigma surrounding mental health in general
  • To help participants understand what thriving with bipolar and depression means and how they too can achieve it
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    To address general and specific questions regarding the Bipolar IN Order system

Develop High Quality Skills to Support and Guide Others Towards Bipolar IN Order

The Bipolar IN Order program has consistently created better results than any other treatment option since 2003. While other methods focus on trying to create remission (which has been proven not to work), the Bipolar IN Order approach focuses on learning how to thrive DURING manic and depressive episodes. This training will equip Bipolar IN Order Facilitators with the highest and most effective skills to help those who need it most.

Full Training Program

Only $59.95 per month
full $29.95 membership is included