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Bipolar when in disorder makes it very difficult to make a living. Many people don't have the resources to afford the best solutions that we offer and continue to suffer. This hurts us deeply and we want to help. Our scholarship program helps those in need by providing free or low-cost access to our live online courses.

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We are a 100% member-supported community. We are not influenced by donations from pharmaceutical companies nor anyone else but our members. The only agenda we have is to promote better outcomes and provide proof through our results that better outcomes are possible. 2017 is the 14th year Tom has worked full time without pay so we could put as much of the income as possible into scholarships. But that is not enough to help all of those who cannot afford our help. If you are in a position to donate you can make a huge difference in the lives of those who suffer.

Anything you can donate is much appreciated. The button below will take you to paypal where you can choose the amount and include a message if you like. If you prefer you can contact us directly and discuss options.

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"Bipolar In Order provides the essential message that symptom reduction or elimination is far from the main goal of adaptation and intervention. Sure to challenge traditional thinking, this important work is integrative and wise."

- Stephen P. Hinshaw, PhD, Professor and Chair, Dept of Psychology, UC Berkeley

The Difference

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"Tom is doing something no one else is really doing. He is turning a serious mental illness on its head and suggesting that by accepting rather than fighting the disorder, people with bipolar can identify and access their strengths and lead lives that are not only satisfying but productive beyond their wildest imaginings... Tom is ahead of the pack. He is staking out new territory and leading the way in showing people with brain-based disorders like bipolar that it is possible to live richly."

- Maureen Duffy Ph.D., Professor and Chairperson, The Counseling Program, Barry University