Bipolar Advantage Outcomes Study Part II
Bipolar IN Order Online Education Program

Focused On The Best Results Possible

The Eight-Week Bipolar IN Order Course has helped over 10,000 students thrive with their mental condition. Our successful students have achieved full functionality, which means they are no longer overwhelmed nor paralyzed when experiencing the highs and lows of mania and depression. We want those who share our condition to achieve the same results and have spent 15 years perfecting the path to help others get there. This course includes live meetings and the support you need to succeed. Study participants get full access to it for free for up to two years as long as they stay active in it and complete the required study survey every three months to measure progress.

What Is The Bipolar IN Order Course About and What To Expect From It

In the Bipolar IN Order course we teach about a simple step-by-step plan to help guide a person from Bipolar Disorder to what we call Bipolar IN Order. Bipolar IN Order describes the ability to experience a range of states that no longer negatively impact our lives. Bipolar Disorder is when our manic and depressive episodes get the best of us and we can no longer function. Bipolar is IN Order when you are no longer overwhelmed and therefore can function fully DURING manic or depressive episodes. Bipolar Advantage is the only complete and holistic program designed specifically for that purpose. Students will learn that it is possible to live with bipolar, depression, hypomania or mixed states, experiencing a range of states without them negatively impacting their lives. The course includes videos, written lessons, exercises, live group online meetings, discussion forums, and a community dedicated to creating the best outcomes possible. 

Supplemental Courses Include

  • What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed
  • ​How To Direct The Energy In Mania and Depression
  • ​Wrestling With An Idea
  • Alternative Treatment Options
  •  Meditation
  • Crisis Planning
  • Building Your Team
  • Acceptance
  • Bipolar IN Order Book Course
  • Creating Relationships That Work
  • Challenging Definitions
  • The Depression Advantage Book
  • How To Thrive During Travel
  • Equanimity
  • Specific Functionality Assessments

What Bipolar IN Order teaches.

The Bipolar IN Order Course teaches how to function fully even during the most challenging mood episodes. That is our definition of thriving. Participants in this study will be introduced to the following concepts:

  • To separate the feelings of a state from the reactions to them.
  • To function at the highest level regardless of a mood state.
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    To recognize the sweet spot where one can be the most productive.
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    To use the least costly tools to reduce symptoms when needed.
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    To find the best opportunities for taking advantage of every state.
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    To turn states from a disorder to an advantage.
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    To create a realistic plan for continuous and safe progress.
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    To develop loving and lasting reltionships.
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    To thrive in their professional life using bipolar as an advantage.
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    To put together an excellent team of experts that will help with the journey.
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    To figure out which treatment options work best.
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    To create an environment that supports the fastest progress.

How It Works

Participants will have access to the eight step Bipolar IN Order Program and 15 supplemental courses for two years (as long as they participate consistently in the program and fill out the required equivalent to the third part of the part one study each quarter). 

Life With Bipolar IN Order

A story of struggle and suc​​​​cess in facing Bipolar Disorder.