Weekly Reminders

Once a week the user should do the regular daily reminder but add the exercise from step one to become more clear on what the state is like physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and career/financially.

This question is not needed once the user does the exercise for Accounting For Time since the app will know how long and what the criteria is for determining the answer,

The App will calculate what to do

The app will tell you what to focus on based on your state, your comfort level, how long you have been there, and how you are behaving. This sample just shows you an example but not accurate as to what to do. The finished app will tell you what to focus on for the day: Tools, behavior, or awareness of state.

What are the details of your state?

Notes For Feedback

Should we have separate lists for mania and depression or just have one list. The goal is to get people to start recognizing their state better but not to overwhelm them with work so they don't finish the course. It might be that having one list and only having them do it once is the best.