Bipolar IN Order Workshop 

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Create The Best Results Possible

The Bipolar IN Order system has helped thousands of participants learn to thrive with mania and depression over the last 14 years. Our successful students have achieved full functionality, which means they are no longer overwhelmed nor paralyzed when experiencing the highs and lows of mania and depression. We want those who share our condition to achieve the same results and have spent 15 years perfecting the path to get there. The 2-day Bipolar IN Order Workshop is an great way to learn all about the revolutionary approach.

What Is The Bipolar IN Order Workshop What To Expect From It

The 2 day program introduces the Bipolar IN Order system and lays out a step-by-step plan to help guide a person from Bipolar Disorder to what we call Bipolar IN Order. Bipolar IN Order means we still experience a range of states but they no longer overwhelm us and negatively impact our lives. Participants will leave with a personalized and detailed written plan of action to follow. This workshop runs only a few times a year and spots are limited. Missing this one means you will need to wait another several months to be able to participate in the next one.

The Challenge of Bipolar Disorder

Unfortunately, many struggle with Bipolar Disorder. The years of suffering and overwhelm take over their lives and get in the way of their hopes and dreams. Those living in disorder report...

  • Difficulty in making sense of the diagnosis.
  • Overwhelm during manic and depressive episodes.
  • Broken relationships.
  • Inability to work.
  • Struggles in finding the appropriate treatment method.
  • Inability to function.
  • Horrible side effects from invasive treatment methods.
  • Discomfort in the use and dependance of invasive tools.
  • Living in a state of anxiety over future episodes.
  • Inability to communicate clearly with doctors and therapists.
  • Confusion and lack of understanding about thriving with the condition.

What Bipolar IN Order Teaches

The Bipolar IN Order Course teaches how to function fully even during the most challenging mood episodes. That is our definition of thriving. You will learn...

  • To separate the state feelings from your reactions to them.
  • To function at the highest level regardless of  mood state.
  • To recognize the sweet spot where we can be the most productive.
  • To use the least costly tools to reduce symptoms when needed.
  • To find the best opportunities for taking advantage of every state.
  • To turn  states from a disorder to an advantage.
  • To monitor states without obsessing over them.
  • To create a realistic plan for continuous and safe progress.
  • To develop loving and lasting relationships.
  • To thrive in  professional life using bipolar to an advantage.
  • To create a team of experts that will help with the journey.
  • To figure out which treatment options work best.
  • To create an environment that supports the fastest progress.

Life with Bipolar IN Order 

A story of struggle and success in facing Bipolar Disorder.

Please Note: This is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to produce real results and this program will guide and support you all the way. Our success stories took at least two years.

Results Worth Striving For

 Expect to spend less time suffering and more time enjoying life. Other students have achieved...

  • Better Intimate Relationships
  • Better Functionality in All Environments
  • Measurable Progress
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Better Functionality in all States
  • Reduce or Eliminate Crisis and Hospitalizations
  • Improve Communication With Doctors and Family
  • Get Out From Under That Overwhelmed Feeling
  • Learn Your Strengths and Advantages

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